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"We are very pleased and happy to have been the first Miami Personal Concierge customers!
Since then we just have to thank you for your excellent work! Always attending with professionalism, punctuality, precision in the needs... we only have praise! Congratulations to the management and also the team at
Miami Personal Concierge"

"My name is Ester Panarello

and Elaine Cultrera has been working

with me since 2011 as my concierge,

taking care of my and my family's assets

in the United States.

During all this time, she has performed these duties very well, meeting our expectations and always surprising us with her proactivity and competence.
We are grateful to her!

“My Family and I are very satisfied with the services provided by Miami Personal Concierge!
Serious staff, committed to quality services!
They cater to all our needs!
This makes it very easy to have a leisure property in another country!!”

Moisés de Oliveira

Miami Trump Towers - Sunny Isles Beach

Ester Panarello

House in Golden Beach

Paulo Henrique


One Paraiso - Miami

"We have been with Miami Personal Concierge for 10 years,
taking care of our property with great competence,
dedication and care.
A partnership of great trust
and respect."

"We have been working with Miami Personal Concierge for over 10 years with dedication, promptness, always exceeding our expectations, taking care of our assets in the United States, so that we can enjoy it without worry.

 They take care of all the details and also help with any problem we may have!

In other words, me and my family are fans of your work!"

“Elaine's team is wonderful!
They are amazing with everything
they do,
through her I manage
to speed up and solve
several things
not being present in my apartment.”

Marcelo Contatto

St Tropez on the Bay - Sunny Isles Beach

Alexandre Panarello

Mansions at Acqualina - Sunny Isles Beach

Vanessa Derani

Two Tequesta - Brickell Key - Miami

"I have been a client for over 10 years.
Great service, helping me manage the day to day of my property with great care and professionalism, solving everything, which makes my life a lot easier.
I highly recommend."


Thank you for the excellent service provided by you and the team over all these years. It is a peace of mind for me that I live in Brazil and have an apartment in Miami, having concierge services provided by competent professionals like you.
I feel safe because I know I can count on their quick and efficient service whenever I need it for my property, from simple cleaning to administrative services, concerts, etc.
A big hug."

“Good afternoon Elaine,
I would like to thank you for your work carried out with great speed and competence during all these years for me and our family.
I hope you and your team will continue the excellent service and support you have always given us.”

Julio Paschoal

St Tropez on the Bay - Sunny Isles Beach

Joao Antonio Delarisce

Oceania Island - Sunny Isles Beach

Paulo Vilas Boas


ASIA - Brickell Key - Miami

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