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We Know Real Estate. Get to Know Us

Time is a luxury nowadays!

As a Personal Concierge in Miami, I was tasked with delivering customized services to foreign nationals, particularly Brazilians, who were interested in purchasing properties in Florida or other states for investment, vacation, or permanent residency purposes.


In response to their requirements, I recognized the need to establish a multilingual team (proficient in Italian, English, Portuguese and Spanish) and to professionalize my existing services.


Our objective is to ensure that our customers can optimize their valuable time in a pleasant and relaxing manner. While the property owners engage in leisurely activities, such as spending time with their loved ones, exploring local attractions, or conducting business, we at Miami Personal Concierge take care of their "to-dos."


Our scope of work encompasses a wide range of tasks, from arranging utility connections to planning travel itineraries, from collecting mail on a weekly basis to procuring tickets for major events, sports, and other entertainment options. In doing so, we tailor our services to meet the specific requirements of each client.

While anyone can accomplish what is possible, we at Miami Personal Concierge strive to achieve the impossible, so that all of our clients can fully appreciate the true meaning of our motto:

relax & enjoy

Relax & Enjoy your well-deserved vacation!

My warmest greetings to all,

Elaine Cultrera

President and Founder

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